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Ferme Bourdon & Fils inc.

Ferme Bourdon & Fils inc offers quality products and services beyond compare to exceptional customers while remaining specialized in agriculture. Located in Compton, in the Eastern Townships, Ferme Bourdon & Fils has 1,450 acres of land and operates a dairy farm of Holstein cows as their primary activity. Along side to dairy activities, the business is also involved in the sod production and soya bean roasting.


A family company

Founded in 1978, Ferme Bourdon & Fils has the chance of combining a fourth generation to the third.  As agricultural knowledge is passed from one to another and modern methods are introduced, the company has the advantage of mingling experience with youth, thus forming a new partnership composed of passionate and perseverant farmers.

Acquiring knowledge throughout the years has allowed the founders to become diversified and excel in various agricultural practices, which will help prepare the fifth generation to a future where agriculture is in a constant evolution.

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Our productions

Our dairy farm settles on 1 450 acres of land, and shelters a herd of 240 Holstein cows that annually produce more or less 1 million liters of milk.

We harvest hay, corn, soya bean and cultivate sod on a surface of 1 000 acres. During the coldest seasons, we also produce maple syrup the old fashion way from our woodland, which spreads on 450 acres. The woodland also enables us to lumber mature trees or damaged ones by the winds. The cultivated sod is for Les Arpents Verts de l’Estrie, the company’s division in ornamental horticulture.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be able to live out our passion, thus being agriculture.

It is to cultivate our lands with environmental practices for sustainable development that allows us to protect Quebec's rural development for future generations. It is also to preserve wildlife biodiversity and Quebec’s agricultural heritage, while building tomorrow's without compromising the present.

Those are our commitments to ourselves and to our clients.