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Eastern Green Acres

Welcome to the division «Les Arpents verts de l’Estrie». Production is made from the best variety of Paturin du Kentucky, and is tested and selected from our very own fields of research. Whether it be for RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL or for SPORT usage, we can assure you to provide the best quality sod that complies with our regions’ rigorous climate.
Guide de préparation et entretien de votre gazon
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ESSENTIAL tips for sod preparation and maintenance
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Small and Large Projects

May it be for covering small or large areas undertaken by yourself or «key on hand», we can help and guide you along the way. It would be our pleasure to accompany you in the success of your new landscape. Do not hesitate to communicate with us.

The best sod for Townshippers

When driving along route 147 towards one of the most beautiful municipalities of the Eastern Townships, you will stumble across breathtaking sceneries of fields covered in green. We are located near our clientele, in the village of Compton, where the demand for sod is constant, between the city of Sherbrooke and the town of Coaticook. This proximity allows our clients to purchase locally and make fair trade, as well as allowing them to purchase directly from the producer without an intermediary.     

Offering the best varieties of Paturin de Kentucky to our clients is our competitive advantage since 1996.The varieties chosen are based on the climate change of the Eastern Townships, which are then experimented in our fields before being selected and sold.

One of kind product and service

Our investments in research and development for the best combination of grass seeds, the purchase of the latest technological equipment for seeding, harvesting and deliveries demonstrate our determination and willingness to offer one of a kind products and services with its quality price.

Our Commitment

We are committed to reach our client’s expectation when it comes to the quality of our products and services, to protect and pursue rural development in Quebec. It is also to preserve the wildlife biodiversity and the agricultural heritage of the past, yet still adding value to the future’s without compromising today’s.   

Whether it be for its environmental supports or simply to embellish your property, the cultivated sod of «Les Arpents Verts de l’Estrie» will always remain your first choice…no matter what your requirements are, we can help.

Protect the environment, one roll at time!

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